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The Origin Of The Comfort Paddling Tuilik

The Origin Of The Comfort Paddling Tuilik

Waterproof/breathable fabric

To keep you dry without making you too hot and sweaty, so you can be comfortable in your adventures.

No spray skirt required

The tuilik seals directly to the cockpit coaming, and is designed to leave you with full range of motion. 

With nothing squeezing your torso.

Neoprene for coaming and face seal

The smooth neoprene gives a good seal on the face and coaming to keep the water out.

Fully adjustable hood

Wear a hat under it for extra warmth.Wear it loosely to keep the rain and spray out, without getting too hot.Seal the face keep your head and neck warm and dry while while in the water.

Perfect for practicing the balance brace, or you rolling skills

And also to keep you comfortable for just paddling.