Kayak Clothing Designed To Let You
Develop Your Skills

  • Gives you freedom of movement so you can brace and roll more effectively. This will help you avoid going for a bad swim
  • Gives you full protection to let you stay warm and comfortable even in rough water or on a cold windy day
  • See the Tuilik if you like to paddle in rough cold conditions, or if you want to keep your head dry and warm while rolling in cold water
  • If you want full protection for paddling in cold water, have a look at these Bib Dry Pants. They are designed to be rolled up with the Tuilik for complete protection
  • If you want to be toasty on the colder days, these hoodies are perfect for wearing under the Tuilik
  • For hot days you might want a spay skirt that gives you full freedom of movement. Don't lose your agility just because it's too warm to wear the Tuilik

Everything is custom made to fit you and your kayak

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